Links to Symantec Enterprise Vault Manuals and TechNotes

Here’s a concise listing of all of the EV manuals and technotes.

The Compatibility List is available only on-line and applies to all product versions. Here is the link:

Symantec Enterprise Vault ™ 6.0, 7.0, 2007 and 8.0 Compatibility List (includes Partner products)

Enterprise Vault 8 Manuals

Core Guides

TechNote Number Document Link File Name
317272 Administrators Guide Administrators_Guide.pdf Administrators_Guide.chm
328215 Administrators Guide 8.0 SP2 Administrators_Guide.pdf Administrators_Guide.chm
312327 Backup procedures  
317273 Introduction and Planning Guide Introduction_and_Planning.pdf Introduction_and_Planning.chm
328448 Introduction and Planning Guide SP2 Introduction_and_Planning.pdf Introduction_and_Planning.chm
312319 Performance Guide  
317276 Setting_up_Domino_Server_Archiving Setting_up_Domino_Server_Archiving.pdf Setting_up_Domino_Server_Archiving.chm
317278 Setting up Exchange Server Archiving Setting_up_Exchange_Server_Archiving.pdf Setting_up_Exchange_Server_Archiving.chm
328473 Setting up Exchange Server Archiving SP2 Setting_up_Exchange_Server_Archiving.pdf Setting_up_Exchange_Server_Archiving.chm
317287 Setting_up_File_System_Archiving Setting_up_File_System_Archiving.pdf Setting_up_File_System_Archiving.chm
317288 Setting_up_SharePoint_Server_Archiving Setting_up_SharePoint_Server_Archiving.pdf Setting_up_SharePoint_Server_Archiving.chm
317290 Setting_up_SMTP_Archiving Setting_up_SMTP_Archiving.pdf Setting_up_SMTP_Archiving.chm
317274 Registry Guide Registry_Guide.pdf Registry_Guide.chm
328465 Registry Guide SP2 Registry_Guide.pdf Registry_Guide.chm
321591 Troubleshooting OWA Extensions for EV 8  
317275 Utilities Guide Utilities_Guide.pdf Utilities_Guide.chm
328471 Utilities Guide SP2 Utilities_Guide.pdf Utilities_Guide.chm
327522 Housekeeping for the Monitoring Database  
326694 Guidelines on using EVSVR  
328452 Mobile Search Getting Started Guide  
328467 Reporting Guide SP2  


TechNote Number Document Link File Name
328438 Deployment Scanner 8 SP2 Deployment_Scanner.pdf Deployment_Scanner.chm
317303 Deployment Scanner Deployment_Scanner.pdf Deployment_Scanner.chm
317266 Installing and Configuring Guide Installing_and_Configuring.pdf Installing_and_Configuring.chm
328439 Installing and Configuring Guide SP2 Installing_and_Configuring.pdf Installing_and_Configuring.chm
298949 Release Notes 8.0  
321953 Release Notes 8.0 SP1  
328525 Release Notes 8.0 SP2  


Compliance Accelerator and Discovery Accelerator 8 Manuals

TechNote Number Document Link File Name
317294 Compliance Accelerator – Installing and Configuring Guide Installing_and_Configuring_Compliance_Accelerator.pdf
328018 Compliance Accelerator – Installing and Configuring Guide SP2 Installing_and_Configuring_Compliance_Accelerator.pdf
317300 Discovery Accelerator – Installing and Configuring Guide Installing_and_Configuring_Discovery_Accelerator.pdf
326452 Discovery Accelerator – Installing and Configuring Guide SP1 Installing_and_Configuring_Discovery_Accelerator.pdf
328019 Discovery Accelerator – Installing and Configuring Guide SP2 Installing_and_Configuring_Discovery_Accelerator.pdf
317296 Compliance Accelerator – Reviewer Guide CA_Reviewer_Guide.doc
317298 Discovery Accelerator – Reviewer Guide DA_Reviewer_Guide.doc
328017 Discovery Accelerator – Reviewer Guide SP2 DA_Reviewer_Guide.doc
326055 Discovery Accelerator – Best Practices for Implementation  
321954 Compliance Accelerator – Release Notes SP1  
321970 Discovery Accelerator – Release Notes SP1  
327824 Compliance Accelerator – Release Notes SP2  
328214 Discovery Accelerator – API Guide SP2  
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