CentOS / Red Hat Linux: Working with iSCSI

Here is a great article on how to install the iSCSI software initiator on Linux and then connect to volumes.

The article mentions the steps were tested on Redhat Enterprise (RHEL) v5, CentOS v5, Fedora v7 and Debian/Ubuntu Linux.
I went through the steps on a CentOS v5.3 x64 machine and it worked flawlessly.

Here’s another link when working with the Linux Device-mapper Multi-pathing with iSCSI:

Here is a link on working with SAN Snapshots and mounting that snapshot volume to a Linux host:

Here are also some useful Linux and iSCSI documents from HP Lefthand that we’ve uploaded to this blog:
Setting Up iSCSI volumes on CENTOS 5, RedHat 5, Fedora 7 and, Debian
Configuring CHAP authentication with the linux iscsi initiator
LeftHand Volumes with SUSE Linux iSCSI

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