What is Opalis?

I have felt that automation/runbook tools like Opalis have been overlooked for a number of years.  Given that IT is mostly dedicated to automation, doing repetitive work with computers rather than people, I find it odd that tools like this really haven’t taken off to the level I expected.  I can say that when I was in a management position at my last company a couple of years ago this was on my mind constantly…. so check it out….call us, let’s talk.


Streaming Citrix apps directly

If you want to get around publishing the applications through PNAgent or Web Interface you can use this method to run streamed applications.  Obviously don’t call support if this doesn’t work…use only for testing, but it’s an interesting article and definitely helps understand more about the streaming architecture of Citrix XenApp.


Solid color as desktop background slows logon

When the background is set to a solid color the Welcome screen may be displayed for 30 seconds during the logon process….


Wow, neat bug huh?  I know I have personally seen a Windows 7 box that is experiencing this…and I always wondered why it was so slow to logon.  Well, I best go get this patch!