VMware Backups using NetBackup 7

Configuring NetBackup 7 for VMware backup (using vStorage API)

Configure VMware backup host in Netbackup


right-click on master server, select “Properties”


Add VMware Backup Host


Configure Credentials on vCenter


Create the backup policy for Virtual Machine Backup

The parameters shown are not the default but reflect a configuration that seems to be optimal for test environment. Your mileage may vary.
These specific parameters have been changed from the default
Client Name Selection determines how Virtual Machines are identified to Netbackup.  VM Display name option matches the VM name as identified in vCenter
Transfer type determines how VM data is transfered to Netbackup host.  The san option uses Fibre Channel or iSCSI SAN (Note:, LUNs containing VMWare Data Stored must be presented to Netbackup host).  The nbd option resorts to a network copy, should the san option fail.
Existing snapshot handling, when set to Remove NBU, will remove stray NetBackup snapshots from VMs if encountered but ignore all other snapshots.

Configure remaining backup policy options based on backup windows etc.


If options need to be changed (‘cuz mine didn’t work in your environment 😉 ) , change on the policy’s attributes window


7 thoughts on “VMware Backups using NetBackup 7

  1. Some additional notes:

    One issue I ran into was with the default method of client selection (VM Host Name) many of the VMs in our lab had names that did not match the actual VM name. Our best guess at this point is that the VMs were deployed from templates but not customized, so the VM Host name was never set correctly. Because of the mis-match the VMs did not back up correctly.

    I also have noticed that templates do not back up correctly using the settings as described above. This is still being investigated.

    • Regarding templates, since a template isn’t a VM, these differences are pointed out in the NetBackup documentation:
      1. VMware won’t snap a template
      2. SAN transport method won’t work; nbd will
      3. BLIB is not applicable to a template

  2. Thanks for posting this. We’ve just upgraded to NB 7.0 for the express purpose of using the VMWare API. This post is a helpful pointer for me so far.

    Did you happen to figure out the issue with the templates not backing up and the name mis-match? If so, would you mind sharing your findings or work-around’s?

  3. Really , nice n cool this VM backup post using Netbackup . Very elaborative.
    Could you pls. provide VM restore for ( single guest file or complete VM ). that will be quite helpful.

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