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Bootable Windows 7 thumb drive install

Ok, so most of you probably already know this but I haven’t needed to install Windows 7 from a thumb drive…until today.  A quick search of google turned up this tool from Microsoft which automates the creation of a bootable thumb drive to install Windows 7 from.  You just give it the source iso, the destination (DVD or USB thumb drive) and start… it formats the drive and copies the iso to the drive.  If all goes well I’ll be installing in 20 min.

EqualLogic October 2010 User Conference Slides Available

The slides from the EqualLogic User Conference in San Diego are now available on the EqualLogic Support Site:
(You’ll need a Support Login to access the presentations)

There are a ton of awesome presentations from there detailing some very useful info. I would highly suggest taking a look through the presentations to see if anything might be useful in your environment.

Backup Exec 2010 Customers – Apply Latest Patches!

Several very important patches have been released the last couple of weeks for Backup Exec 2010 (including R2). A lot of these fixes have to do with the deduplication component, Granular Restore Technology (GRT) as well as the Agent for VMware.

You can apply the latest patches by running the Symantec LiveUpdate utility on your Backup Exec Server.

You can also refer to the below TechNotes for a listing of what has been fixed/updated in the last few patches:



VMware vSphere ESXTOP

If you are a VMware vSphere/ESX customer hopefully esxtop is something you are familiar with…if not please get familiar.  Esxtop is top for esx…get it?  Wondering how loaded your ESX host is?  Curious if there are performance issues on your ESX host or underlying infrastructure?  ESXTOP is your friend…and now we have a document from VMware to help interpret the wealth of information that ESXTOP gives us.

Now all you need are some thresholds to compare those statistics against.


Release: HP P4000 Lefthand SAN/iQ v9

HP P4000 Lefthand SAN/iQ v9 is out and available for download.

Check out the following links:
This is a great link for information and other links, all related to P4000 Lefthand products.
This is an easy link to get the latest downloads as well as instructions on how to get patches, etc.

I’ll be putting together some more “What’s New” information and posting that soon.