Symantec Backup Exec 2010 R2 – Latest Info from 2010 Tech Engage Seminar

I was out in Las Vegas last week at the Symantec Worldwide Technical Symposium (WTS) and Partner Tech Engage (PTE).

I attended a Backup Exec 2010 R2 session which they mentioned the following key points that will be beneficial to our customers:

1) When using Backup Exec Deduplication, a rule of 1GB of RAM per 1TB of storage for the deduplication pool is being changed to a new “formula” of 1.5GB of RAM per 1TB of storage for the deduplication pool. They are changing this recommendation due to issues that Symantec Support has seen. We are recommending our customers to increase the RAM on their Backup Exec Media Servers if they fall outside of this recommendation.

2) The instructors of this session acknowledged there are quite a few “hiccups” with the Deduplication option when using Granular Restore Technology (GRT) based backups, even more so when using GRT and VMware vStorage based backups. They said several hotfixes will be released (more than likely in a “pack”) this week (the week of 11/1/10) that will address a lot of these issues. I’ll try to update this blog when those patches are released.

3) A “stream handler” for VMware vStorage backups will be released for Backup Exec when Backup Exec R3 is released, due out the beginning of next year. The stream handler is a feature that can more intelligently look inside the backup stream which will result in better performance and better deduplication rates for those types of backups. Symantec NetBackup already has a VMware aware stream handler built-in, so I was surprised that Backup Exec didn’t.


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