Bootable Windows 7 thumb drive install

Ok, so most of you probably already know this but I haven’t needed to install Windows 7 from a thumb drive…until today.  A quick search of google turned up this tool from Microsoft which automates the creation of a bootable thumb drive to install Windows 7 from.  You just give it the source iso, the destination (DVD or USB thumb drive) and start… it formats the drive and copies the iso to the drive.  If all goes well I’ll be installing in 20 min.

1 thought on “Bootable Windows 7 thumb drive install

  1. If one runs into “The selected file is not a valid ISO. Please select a valid ISO file and try again.” use ISOADVCOPY.exe which modifies the iso image slightly to make it compatible with the WIndows 7 USB Creation Tool from by Rafael Ravera

    Within a command prompt:
    >”dir”:isoadvcopy.exxe -“FileName” -“ToFileName”

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