How-To Open Visio Diagrams and Drawings in Separate Windows

Opening multiple Visio files and switching between them is a pain. I figured there had to be a way to make Visio to always open files in separate windows, so you can see the visio drawings seperately (eg: dual monitors).

The below “method B” worked for me for Visio 2010.

Visio has a Multiple Document Interface so open files all go into the same
instance of Visio. There’s really not an easy way around it, but here are
some options:

A) Launch a separate instance of Visio each time you want a separate window
in the Taskbar. A great “how-to” for doing this, can be found at:

Method A works okay, but I would like Visio to open in seperate Windows everytime, automatically. Method B below does that.

B) Check the Visio option in Tools/Options/Advacned > Put all settings in
Windows registry, exit Visio and change the registry setting
SingleInstanceFileOpen to 0 found in the following location:

Visio 2003

Visio 2007:

Visio 2010:

If the above doesn’t make sense, here’s a helpful “How-to” showing how to do the above:

That’s it!

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4 thoughts on “How-To Open Visio Diagrams and Drawings in Separate Windows

  1. Thank you for the tip! This behavior is ridiculous, really. Other Office 2010 applications support multiple documents in multiple windows while still using a single process to conserve system resources. I don’t know why Visio 2010 is not consistent with this.

  2. That was so easy! Microsoft should really just make this an option from the Settings menu. But since they didn’t, thank you for the great tip!

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