Asigra DS-User Installation and Log file viewing


How to install Asigra DS-User and view log files to determine failed objects.

Run setup from Asigra DS-Client


Request the specific path from the Lewan ROC.

Allow the install if UAC requests pops up


Install the proper Java DS-User for workstation platform


These instructions assume the Java version of DS-User. The Windows native version can also be installed by selecting the proper DS-Client option and only install the DS-User GUI

Follow the various screens to install. Use all default values.


Windows 7 workstations may show an Operating System incompatibility. This can be ignored.


Do not change the port number!


Once installation completes, exit the installer


Open DS-User from the Windows “Start” menu


Select setup-> Initialization


Add DS-Client’s IP address


Enter IP Address of DS-Client

Refresh DS-Client list and select DS-Client


On far left pane, click refresh, DS-Client should appear. Select DS-Client

Log in with Windows Domain credentials


If workstation not logged in as Domain user, enter proper credentials

Upgrade DS-User if necessary


When Asigra components are updated, new versions are automatically pushed out. The default DS-User installation will likely be out of date. Select the upgrade button to update the software. Once software is updated DS-User will restart. Complete the previous step to select the DS-CLient and log in.

View Event log


The event log will show all events relating to activities, including reasons for backup jobs completed “With Errors”

Filter for date range and to only show Errors


Typical error shown


The most common reason a backup job will fail is due to an open file. If a file fails regularly there may be a need to use a different backup strategy or to exclude that file from backup. Lewan Managed Data Protection staff regularly monitors events and will take steps to reduce errors on backup jobs.


What does the “V” in VAR mean?

It depends on the VAR quite a bit.  Some value added re-sellers align completely with their manufacture partners and act as a pure extension of their sales and engineering teams.  I’m not saying this is “bad” as their is still some value for their clients in that they have additional resources for their customers to leverage.

We have transformed ourselves quite dramatically over the past 5 years to add more of our own intellectual property (IP) by adding really smart SE talent, project management and our managed services offerings and we encourage our folks to achieve their potential through attaining higher levels of knowledge, certification an notoriety (social media help with this part) to become bigger then themselves.  This helps them as individuals, our company and frankly our vendor partners as well as they now have industry expertise within their ecosystem that they didn’t have to pay for that is truly consultative in nature.

Unlike our vendors we don’t “invent” the products we sell so we need to add value in another way.  We do get to “invent” unique service offerings and support systems, so we can add our unique value in this way.  In addition, our ability to integrate our customers solutions (across vendor lines) and leverage the innovative support options we create is where we can add a ton of value to our customers.

Lately I’ve been making a point to work more closely with our vendor partners to educate them on our value while also learning theirs as we’ve done for years.  If we can’t add anything unique beyond knowing our vendors products then are we truly relevant to them?  Are we truly relevant to our customers? If we can add more value to our clients by adding our IP to our vendors IP then this is better for everyone.

Microsoft Slashes Prices for Office 365

According to The Register, Microsoft is slashing their prices for Office 365, which in my opinion was already very competitively priced. For full details, check out the article here: 

Here’s the table in the article outlining the old and new prices for each Office 365 package.






Lewan is a Microsoft Gold Partner and offers Office 365 to our clients at the same prices listed above. Feel free to talk with your account representative for additional details or for a demonstration.