#CitrixSynergy winding down

This was my first Summit/Synergy conference and I must say I was impressed. All my guys who attended were all alumni so I can’t give you the same context they can. Here’s my very high level observations:

-Citrix is growing like crazy
-The demos were awesome
-They are doing a really nice job of staying head of the competition by enhancing the products they have
-While adding onto their portfolio organically and through acquisition to fill out their strategy
-And have done a pretty darn good job of integrating the core elements into the complimentary products
-Have elected to fight the cloud battle at a higher level,e.g., closer to the management and app versus the infrastructure and with open source
-Their social networking was off he hook and really engaged folks and their enterprise social networking app looks pretty pimp

Again, these are high level impressions from a newbie. More details in this blog and at Citrix.com I’m sure.

If your a Citrix fan or just want to learn more, I would encourage the trip.

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