Citrix Synergy of the Rockies

So you’ve heard of Citrix Synergy but your boss wouldn’t let you go to San Francisco or Barcelona to attend this year? Well you’re in luck then, because Lewan is bringing Synergy to you! Our 2nd annual Citrix Synergy of the Rockies will be held on October 24th from 8:30 am – 1:00 pm at the DU Cable Center. At this event we’ll be covering highlights from both Synergy San Francisco and Barcelona. Find out what Citrix has been up to in the last year, what they’re doing with the acquisitions they made, and the big changes that have occurred in the Desktop Virtualization space. We have a very special keynote from Citrix’s VP of Business Technology Solutions who spearheaded the rollout of Citrix’s own BYOD program. We’re also leaving plenty of time for several deep-dive technology sessions with Lewan’s own deployment engineers. If you are a Citrix customer, investigating desktop virtualization, looking at solutions in the market, or considering a BYOD program you must make time to attend this event!

All of the details and information on where to signup is below.
Event Page and Registration Link

Join us in Boulder next week for our 40th celebration

Lewan has grown from calculator sales into a comprehensive lineup of IT and printing solutions, but our commitment to local service and support has never wavered since 1972. Stop by for an afternoon of celebration at the Dairy Center for the Arts. Our vendor sponsors will have booths setup and we’ll have music, refreshments, giveaways, prizes and more.

Lewan & Associates 40th Anniversary Celebration – Boulder
Wednesday October 3  |  3:30-6 pm  |  Dairy Center for the Arts, Boulder


The “Post-PC” Era is about the “Workspace”

What Would Dan Do?

I’ve heard a lot of discussion in the last two weeks since VMworld 2012 San Francisco about Horizon Suite, View, Horizon Data, etc… how they’ll be combined or replace each other, which one is the broker, blah blah blah..and what I can’t help but scream to myself is, “You’re missing the point!”. What I believe VMware showed at VMworld with their Horizon Suite is the new “Workspace”. Citrix CloudGateway is this same new “Workspace”. So let me explain a bit.

The Windows desktop (literally the desktop screen) has been our workspace since the days of Windows 95 and it hasn’t changed much in the time since, even with Windows 8 on my laptop the desktop is still my primary screen. The reason that the Windows desktop hasn’t changed much is because it works well for the average user. It’s where we put shortcuts to recently used applications, saved documents we…

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VMworld 2012 Recap

More details I thought were good…

What Would Dan Do?

Last week I spent about 100 hours on the ground in San Francisco at VMware VMworld which had I’m told had over 20,000 attendees. Given my focus is on End-User Computing (EUC) I attended almost exclusively sessions from VMware’s End-User Computing track, my only deviation was for my last session I attended on Thursday which was an advanced esxtop session. I attended mostly breakout style sessions but on Wednesday I discovered Group Discussions. The Group Discussions I attended were lightly attended but the content and people there, both presenters and audience, were outstanding. Group Sessions were centered around VMware product architecture, development, and marketing personnel with HEAVY interaction from those attending the session. I made some great connections with key VMware employees in these sessions and in the future these will be my highest priority sessions to attend.

This year was also my first year attending VMware as a VMware…

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VMworld 2012 recap

There is such a broad space that VMware covers with their products it’s impossible to cover everything that was announced at VMworld 2012 in San Francisco. What I can attempt to do is point you towards the enormous amount of content that was created by VMware and others before, during, and after the VMworld conference.

VMworld 2012 recap in links below:

Day 1 General Session
Day 2 General Session
VMworld top 10 sessions
VMware Blogs on VMworld
VMware Community Blogs on VMworld
VMworld YouTube channel
What’s New: vSphere 5.1
What’s New: Networking
What’s New: Platform
What’s New: Storage
What’s New: Performance
What’s New in VMware vCenter Server 5.1
What’s New: vSphere Storage Appliance
vSphere 5.1 Licensing, Pricing and Packaging White Paper
vCloud Suite 5.1 Licensing, Pricing and Packaging White Paper