VMworld 2012 Recap

More details I thought were good…

What Would Dan Do?

Last week I spent about 100 hours on the ground in San Francisco at VMware VMworld which had I’m told had over 20,000 attendees. Given my focus is on End-User Computing (EUC) I attended almost exclusively sessions from VMware’s End-User Computing track, my only deviation was for my last session I attended on Thursday which was an advanced esxtop session. I attended mostly breakout style sessions but on Wednesday I discovered Group Discussions. The Group Discussions I attended were lightly attended but the content and people there, both presenters and audience, were outstanding. Group Sessions were centered around VMware product architecture, development, and marketing personnel with HEAVY interaction from those attending the session. I made some great connections with key VMware employees in these sessions and in the future these will be my highest priority sessions to attend.

This year was also my first year attending VMware as a VMware…

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