ITaaS Lewan FullService 360 offering aligns with SMB customer needs

As I talk to more and more SMB customers about their IT needs I’m finding a theme that drove us to look hard at how we can help our customers with IT support and infrastructure. For most of our customers, IT is a necessary element to their business but the business doesn’t know how to run or manage IT.

We developed a suite of services that enables our customers to enjoy a higher level of support, security, availability and predictability of SLAs and costs associated with their technology needs. It’s tough for smaller businesses to hire the right IT talent to support the technology, make technology choices and help align the business and IT. When our customers choose Lewan they get access to a large team of experts in the time slices they need. They can’t afford to hire a team of experts to cover each area.

In addition we provide IT “by the drink” to help customers scale their businesses whether its the talent or the technology itself. Its cost effective and predictable. How much time do businesses waste trying to determine what technology they need to support their businesses from an IT standpoint? Time researching, talking to vendors , comparing technologies, learning to implement something one time and will never do it again. It’s a waste of time, and with no economies of scale, they end up “guessing high” and over buying. They also waste a lot of time to learn how to implement and integrate a solution as a one time event.

We have developed a suite of services that address this challenge by applying the right expertise, tools and infrastructure as pooled resources for our customers to use while maintaining segregation and security. This way our customers can leverage the scale of our expertise, people, infrastructure and tools and only pay for what they need and use.

Our solution includes data protection, IT infrastructure, security, help desk, email, monitoring, print management and 24×7 support for day to day IT support and we also have teams of specialists to help advise and roll out new solutions to address particular business initiatives that are enabled by technology. We meet monthly with our customers to review what we’ve done, what we’ve seen and share information and suggestions to improve the IT experience and alignment with their business.

We also provide “account services” that are included with our relationship to help our customers save even more time and money by managing their maintenance contracts, telecommunications costs and any product or project procurement needs they have. We truly have a full service offering for supporting all business and IT technology needs with one phone number to call.

In addition to the services our customers utilize from us to build and support their IT environment they also don’t have to worry about the capital and operational costs of all the elements that comprise the IT environment. Our service is all-inclusive up to the business applications. Below is a list of some of the items that are included in the service that the customer doesn’t have to buy anymore yet making this approach more cost effective:

Data center
Virtualization technology
Maintenance contracts
Microsoft licensing
Citrix licensing
Element management software
Monitoring software
Helpdesk software
Backup hardware and software
Offsite storage
DR site

I could continue but you get the idea. In addition to all the “stuff” our customers no longer need to buy we include the support services to manage, report and react to issues within the environment and the proactive management to avoid issues and keep the environment up to date.

For more information on how we can help your business optimize your technology needs please email me at

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