BIOS Settings for Hyper-V Role in Windows 8 on Lenovo W-Series

Recently I upgraded to Windows 8 on my Lenovo W510 in order to setup a virtual lab in Hyper-V. Hoping to save others the frustration I experienced during BIOS configuration, I thought I’d share the Intel hardware virtualization settings necessary for the role. The order that settings are made and complete power downs after certain settings changes are significant. Don’t save time with warm boots!

Step 1. Boot the machine, press F1 to enter setup, and you’ll be presented with this menu.  Make sure that the BIOS is the most recent version (1.45 as of this post).  Press enter on Config.

BIOS top level menu

BIOS top level menu

Step 2. In Config menu, arrow down to CPU and press enter.

Config Menu on Lenovo W510 BIOS

Config Menu on Lenovo W510 BIOS

Step 3. In the CPU menu, make sure the settings are:
• Intel Hyper-Threading = Enabled
• Intel Virtualization Technology = Enabled
• Intel VT-d Feature = Enabled

Core Multi-Processing Enabled, Intel Hyper-Threading Technology Enabled, Intel Virtualization Technology Enabled, Intel VT-d Feature Enabled

Hardware Virtualization BIOS Settings on Lenovo W510

If any settings in Step 3 had to be changed, hit F10 to save the settings and then power the machine off. Re-enter the BIOS by pressing F1 on the next startup.

Step 4. Return to the Main Menu in Step 1, and select Security. This menu will appear.
Arrow down to Memory Protection and press enter.

Security Menu on Lenovo W510

Security Menu on Lenovo W510

Step 5. In Memory Protection, make sure Execution Prevention is set to Enabled
Press ESC to return to the Security menu from Step 4

Execution Prevention Enabled

Memory Protection BIOS Settings on Lenovo W510

Step 6. Confirm the following settings:
• Security Chip = Active
• Intel TXT Feature = Disabled

Security Chip Active, Intel TXT Feature ***Disabled***

Security Chip BIOS Settings on Lenovo W510

Press F10 to save settings, and power down the machine. After restart, the Hyper-V role can be installed.

2 thoughts on “BIOS Settings for Hyper-V Role in Windows 8 on Lenovo W-Series

  1. Thank very much! with your guidance ,I have just installed the Hyper V in my Lenovo X230 that was preinstalled with 8. I did not want windows 8, but change my mind to play with it and try to install XP mood in it as I do have old XP program that is important in my work. Then I found I need 8.1 pro to install Hyper-V. Microsoft wanted $99 for just an upgrade that may just cost them $10. Anyway, No way, I bought it from an online site and install it. Then I encounter problem after problem … There has been so many people having the same problem at lenovo forum, microsoft forum, I hardly find any lenovo and microsoft advisers participating.

    I have 2 other Lenovo 220 and 230 tablets that I used for graphic work. I will not upgrade both to woindows 8.1 , no way. Windows OS is getting bloated and so its their office . Microsoft like any company have to make money to pay themselves more and to please shareholder. If they don’t come out with new version of OS and software, they cannot make enough money. This go to all OEM, hardware and softeware industry. So they keep bumping up bloatware to entice customers to throw money at them. Computer users are easily attracted to new “software” toy and hardware toys. To be honest my Lenovo X220 is still so productive with 2007 office and old autodesk . Microsoft and intel are forcing in some way on consumer to upgrade by threatening pulling support for older OS and system. With each upgrade of OS, it need more powerful CPU and software jump on it to produce “advanced” software with more features. Users including me are suckers for a kid wanting new toys.
    Windows XP is till productive with 10 years old software that is still more than adequate for 90% of home users and office. It is entertainment that is promoted by computers industry. I feel that work and entertainment in computer should be separated and it would be cheaper as well.

    I remember in the DOS day, software size is so small and yet so powerful with enough feature even for today work. I will consider going to free office software but will donate to keep them going and not having to throw good money away. I am 65 yrs old , retire soon and may revist those good old 386, 258 dos machines with dbase III, Framework IV, just to mention a few.
    May be we all should stop and look back for a while and wonder how wasteful we are in throwing out 3 year old computer and 1 year old tablet, or mobile phone …..
    My English is poor and there are many typo, hope you get the message

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