ShareFile StorageZone Controller Installation Checklist

What Would Dan Do?

Here is a checklist when installing an on-premises StorageZone Controller. I have included sections for both native StorageZones “ShareFile Data” as well as StorageZones Connector.

On-Premises StorageZone

  • StorageZone Controller system requirements
  • External IP address –
  • External FQDN –
  • Public SSL certificate (cannot be a self-signed or enterprise CA, must be from a public well-known CA) –
  • Internal client networking (internal name resolution and routing of internal clients to External FQDN) –
  • Proxy configuration (.pac, static, none) –
  • Proxy authentication –
  • Proxy address/port –
  • Proxy service account –

StorageZones “ShareFile Data”

  • File share path –
  • Service account for file share (Full Control permissions) –

StorageZones Connector

  • SharePoint version –
  • SharePoint authentication (Basic, NTLM, Kerberos) –
  • SharePoint server DNS name –
  • Network File Share paths (\\server\share) –

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ShareFile StorageZone Passphrase

What Would Dan Do?

When configuring an on-premises StorageZone you are required to choose a passphrase, this is regardless of whether you choose to use encryption.

From Citrix eDocs the passphrase:

A phrase used to protect your file encryption key. Be sure to archive the passphrase and encryption key in a secure location.

You must use the same passphrase for each StorageZones Controller in a zone. The passphrase is not the same as your account password and cannot be recovered if lost. If you lose the passphrase, you cannot reinstall StorageZones, join additional StorageZones Controllers to the StorageZone, or recover the StorageZone if the server fails.

Note: The encryption key appears in the root of the shared storage path. Losing the encryption key file, SCKeys.txt, immediately breaks access to all StorageZone files. Be sure to back up the encryption key file as part of your normal datacenter procedures.

It is extremely important to…

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Scrolling in Outlook 2011 on OS X Mavericks is not smooth

What Would Dan Do?

Ever since I upgraded to OS X Mavericks scrolling within an email message in Outlook 2011 has been choppy. It’s been an annoyance that I noticed immediately after upgrading but only recently started searching the web for a solution.

The solution, and I can confirm that it worked for me, was to change back to pre-Mavericks > Always show scrollbars.

System Preferences > General > select the radio button for Show scroll bars to Always

General Preferences

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