Beware of the Invisible Installs!!!

Does your internet toolbar look like this? :


Many times advertising companies will seek out software companies to promote their product using software companies many people are familiar with.

Ever end up with a program you don’t use and are not sure how it was installed? Each time you go to install a program you need to use, pay attention to the terms and agreements. Some software downloads include extra additions you may not even be aware of, need or want. Some of these options will even be hidden throughout the install. For example, when going to install Adobe Reader you will see this:


If you would like to use Google Chrome, then you can leave the option checked. If not, make sure to uncheck the option.  Some installs can even change your settings:


So next time you need to install a program, please pay attention to each and every step so that you ensure you get just what you need.


Have you ever been in the middle of an important document when your computer crashes or freezes and realize you didn’t save it? You are not alone! I think we’ve all been there a time or two…or three! But there may be hope for us yet! The Auto Recovery (AutoSave) feature is here to help!

Depending upon the Microsoft Office version that you have, AutoRecovery (AutoSave) is a feature that will recover a document if your computer loses power or if a program error occurs while working in a document.

This feature will create a file similar to “AutoRecover Save of <file name>.doc.” When the program is restarted, the application will search your system for any of these files. Some documents may not be recoverable especially, if you’ve never saved the document before.  And even if you have saved the document, you may lose recent changes. Once the program you were working in is restarted, it will automatically attempt to open the autorecovery files. If it does so successfully, then you will be able to save the document.

This is a truly valuable feature that Microsoft Office offers. But in order for it work, it must be enabled. To view instructions on how to enable this feature, go to: