BIOS Settings for Hyper-V Role in Windows 8 on Lenovo W-Series


Recently I upgraded to Windows 8 on my Lenovo W510 in order to setup a virtual lab in Hyper-V. Hoping to save others the frustration I experienced during BIOS configuration, I thought I’d share the Intel hardware virtualization settings necessary for the role. The order that settings are made and complete power downs after certain settings changes are significant. Don’t save time with warm boots!

Step 1. Boot the machine, press F1 to enter setup, and you’ll be presented with this menu.  Make sure that the BIOS is the most recent version (1.45 as of this post).  Press enter on Config.

BIOS top level menu

BIOS top level menu

Step 2. In Config menu, arrow down to CPU and press enter.

Config Menu on Lenovo W510 BIOS

Config Menu on Lenovo W510 BIOS

Step 3. In the CPU menu, make sure the settings are:
• Intel Hyper-Threading = Enabled
• Intel Virtualization Technology = Enabled
• Intel VT-d Feature = Enabled

Core Multi-Processing Enabled, Intel Hyper-Threading Technology Enabled, Intel Virtualization Technology Enabled, Intel VT-d Feature Enabled

Hardware Virtualization BIOS Settings on Lenovo W510

If any settings in Step 3 had to be changed, hit F10 to save the settings and then power the machine off. Re-enter the BIOS by pressing F1 on the next startup.

Step 4. Return to the Main Menu in Step 1, and select Security. This menu will appear.
Arrow down to Memory Protection and press enter.

Security Menu on Lenovo W510

Security Menu on Lenovo W510

Step 5. In Memory Protection, make sure Execution Prevention is set to Enabled
Press ESC to return to the Security menu from Step 4

Execution Prevention Enabled

Memory Protection BIOS Settings on Lenovo W510

Step 6. Confirm the following settings:
• Security Chip = Active
• Intel TXT Feature = Disabled

Security Chip Active, Intel TXT Feature ***Disabled***

Security Chip BIOS Settings on Lenovo W510

Press F10 to save settings, and power down the machine. After restart, the Hyper-V role can be installed.

Lewan Achieves Intel Platinum Status

TPp2013_rgb_68Lewan has done it again! We are excited to reach the highest level of designation with Intel again for 2013. Check out the announcement below from Steve Dallman, Intel’s Vice President & General Manager of WW Reseller Channel Organization.

“Intel is pleased to confirm that Lewan is currently part of the Intel® Technology Provider Program at a Platinum Level membership – our most prestigious program for companies that provide Intel-based technology solutions.
Platinum Level members are accepted into the program after a careful review of their business and must renew their membership annually, based on meeting eligibility requirements. They are required to attend regular training events throughout the year, which allow them to keep their technical knowledge current. Additionally, Platinum Level members must maintain several industry certifications pertinent to their area of focus, and they must demonstrate an ongoing record of customer implementations.

By working with Lewan, you are engaging with a solution provider that has a strong affiliation with, and understanding of, the Intel brand. Members of the Intel Technology Provider Program with Platinum Status have access to proprietary information, engineering support, and accelerated technical support from Intel, giving them the capability to create winning solutions based on industry-leading Intel technologies. And, they have the resources to offer a superior level of customer service and support during and beyond deployment.”