Dell EqualLogic Firmware Alert – v5.0.0 and v5.0.1

I received the following information from Dell-EqualLogic regarding their v5.0.0 and v5.0.1 array firmware.

August 13th Update

Dell has identified the root cause of all the issues listed below for PS Series Firmware V5.0.0 and 5.0.1, which were previously communicated to you.  Dell is planning to release an updated firmware version (v5.0.2) addressing these issues on or around 08/30/2010.  Dell will contact you again as soon as  the update is available for download and installation.

Do Not Install Dell EqualLogic PS Series Firmware Versions 5.0.0 or 5.0.1

According to Dell’s records, you have recently downloaded v5.0.0 or v5.0.1 of the Dell EqualLogicTM firmware. Dell has become aware of potential issues with the installation and operation of these versions of the firmware. Under certain conditions, any or all of the following might occur:

• Volumes might not come online properly immediately after the install.
• Replication might not occur properly.
• VMware V4.1 Zero offload performance might be affected.

If you have not yet installed the V5.0.0 or V5.0.1 firmware updates, Dell recommends that you do not install at this time. Dell is working to resolve these issues in future releases.
If you have either of these firmware updates installed and are experiencing any issues with your array(s), please contact your local Dell EqualLogicTM technical support team for assistance.

Phone: 1-800-945-3355 (U.S. and Canada)