ShareFile StorageZone Controller Installation Checklist

What Would Dan Do?

Here is a checklist when installing an on-premises StorageZone Controller. I have included sections for both native StorageZones “ShareFile Data” as well as StorageZones Connector.

On-Premises StorageZone

  • StorageZone Controller system requirements
  • External IP address –
  • External FQDN –
  • Public SSL certificate (cannot be a self-signed or enterprise CA, must be from a public well-known CA) –
  • Internal client networking (internal name resolution and routing of internal clients to External FQDN) –
  • Proxy configuration (.pac, static, none) –
  • Proxy authentication –
  • Proxy address/port –
  • Proxy service account –

StorageZones “ShareFile Data”

  • File share path –
  • Service account for file share (Full Control permissions) –

StorageZones Connector

  • SharePoint version –
  • SharePoint authentication (Basic, NTLM, Kerberos) –
  • SharePoint server DNS name –
  • Network File Share paths (\\server\share) –

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