Office 2010 Beta 2 Screenshots and Info


 Here are some screenshots I was able to take of the new Office 2010 (Beta 2 Release). More information about Office 2010 can be found on Microsoft’s site: Their site has some videos about the new features and some good general information.

 Starting Office 2010, here’s what you’ll first see on the “Start” menu:

I’ll really focus on some screenshots from Outlook 2010 and OneNote 2010 (two programs that I use constantly through the day). I’ll also have some main screen screenshots from the other programs in the Office suite.

Outlook 2010

Here’s the new splash screen when starting Outlook 2010. All of the programs have this same new splash screen format.


Here’s the new look of Outlook 2010. Notice the new “Ribbon” up at the top.

I think one of the first things that I noticed was the default “conversation” view for my emails. As you’ll notice in the screenshot below, emails are grouped into conversations with the all of the emails belonging to that conversation below it. You can read the email by selecting the message in the conversation. This takes a little bit getting used to but I really like it. It’s a lot like how Gmail shows email messages.

There is also a little arrow icon next to the email subject which does a full expand of all messages. In the above screenshot, Outlook grouped all the messages that were redundant into a few messages so you can see the contents of the message without having to read each person’s reply to the original message. I thought this was really cool and it’s a huge timesaver! But if you still need to see that individual message, just click on the arrow and it will show all messages in the conversation as shown below.

Here’s a view of the “Home” ribbon:

Here’s the “Send/Receive” ribbon:

The “Folder” ribbon:

The “View” ribbon:

The older “Office Orb” that was in Office 2007 looks to have been replaced by the “File” area, off of the ribbon. Clicking on the “File” link takes you to the general overview area. The “File” area for Outlook is shown below:

A *very* useful feature in Outlook 2010 is how meeting invites are shown. The below screenshot shows a meeting invite that I received. Notice how it also shows you your calendar as part of the invite, so you now know if you can accept the meeting invite and what is also scheduled around that meeting, as maybe the timeslot is open but appointments around the timeslot might alter your acceptance to the meeting invite.


Speaking of Calendar features, there is also a feature to Email your calendar. This isn’t exactly new but the way is done I think is new to me. For example, here’s the screenshot for the “Email Calendar” link:

When you select that link, the below window appears:  

 Once you choose the settings on the above screen, Outlook then creates a new email message (shown below). What I thought was really cool about this is that it shows your recipient your available times for the timeframe you selected (without showing the actual appointments on your calendar). Now they know when you’re available for a meeting.


 Viewing other people’s calendars or several calendars at once also has some improvements. Here’s a screenshot of viewing several shared calendars. I think this makes it extremely easy to schedule time with others. 

Another cool little feature that is in Outlook 2010, is the contact information management features. Here’s an email that I received from Dan. When you right click or hover over the contact, a little window (shown below) shows the contact information for that person. It also has some shortcuts to send a meeting invite to them, to call, email and several other options.  

OneNote 2010

I use OneNote on a daily basis. Here’s what it looks like in Office 2010.  

 Word 2010

Here’s a high level screenshot of Word 2010. 

Well there you go! I can’t wait until we get the official launch! I’ll let you know how things run with Office 2010 over the next several weeks.

Oh, one more thing! I’m posting this blog post with Word 2010! It now has a built in Blog “manager” and can be used to post things automatically!

I’ve taken a screenshot as I’m writing this post, within the blog manager in Word 2010.


Take care!

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2 thoughts on “Office 2010 Beta 2 Screenshots and Info

  1. First wierd bug that I’ve found with Outlook 2010 Beta 2.
    When trying to add a calendar appointment, I got the error “The Form required to view this message cannot be displayed. Contact your administrator.”

    After some google’ing and trying different solutions, the one that worked was:
    1) Go to: C:UsersusernameAppDataLocalMicrosoftFORMS
    2) Delete the Frmcache.dat File.
    3) Restart Outlook

    Now I can make Calendar appointments again!

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