Symantec NetBackup – Quickly Upload NetBackup Logs for Support Cases

Thanks to the original post on Symantec Connect here:

Are you looking for an easier way to get logs uploaded so you can get your issue resolved as fast as possible? We understand that transferring logs to Technical Support Engineers has been a customer pain point in the past and we’ve addressed this with a new utility called nbcplogs. Nbcplogs will handle the copying, compression, and transferring of logs – all with one easy command.

Using the Titan ID assigned to your support case run the following commands (we’ll use 123-123-123 in place of the actual one you would get from support):

On UNIX-like systems:
% cd /usr/openv/netbackup/bin/support
% nbcplogs -f 123-123-123

On Windows:
Start->Run->Type “cmd”->Press Enter
C:> cd C:Program FilesVERITASNetBackupbinsupport
C:> nbcplogs -f 123-123-123

It’s just that simple!

That command will gather all log files it can find for the last 24 hours on the system it is run on and FTP them to Technical Support.

Just want a specific time frame? Try this (where -s is the start time and -e is the end time) for January 15th at 11:00 pm to January 16th at 4:00 am:

% nbcplogs -s 01/15/2010-23:00 -e 01/16/2010-04:00 -f 123-123-123

For anyone that wants even more fine tuning, start here:

% nbcplogs –help

So that’s easy, but what logs does it actually get?  Here’s a list:

* NetBackup Legacy Logs
* NetBackup VxUL (Unified) Logs
* NetBackup OpsCenter Logs
* NetBackup Puredisk Logs
* Windows Event Logs (Application, System, Security)
* PBX Logs
* NetBackup Database Logs
* NetBackup Database Error Logs
* NetBackup Database Trylogs
* Vault Session Logs
* Volume Manager Debug Logs
* VxMS Logs

You can get nbcplogs from the following TechNote:

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